How A Home Solar Power System Works

How A Home Solar Power System Works

Are the hefty electricity bills keeping you up at night? Are you concerned about the environment and want to do your part in conserving it? Are you thinking about going solar and saving energy? If yes, then installing a solar power system in your home might be the solution for you. However, there are multiple technical aspects surrounding a solar power system. Aspects that you will benefit knowing about before deciding on which solar power system is most suitable for you.

How Does a Home Solar Power System Work?

Before we get into the details, we need to understand the essential functions of a solar power system. In the most straightforward words, a solar power system converts sunlight into electricity. A basic solar power system contains four major components; solar panels, an inverter, a switchboard, and a metering system.

Solar panels are designated to be set up on the roof of the house to capture sunlight. They contain photovoltaic cells (PV cells), which absorb the sunlight when it hits the panels. The PV cells convert the sunlight into Direct Current electricity or DC electricity. This is called the Photovoltaic Effect. The DC electricity is then sent into the inverter and converted into AC electricity, also called Alternating Current electricity.

The electricity is then sent to the switchboard, which is used to connect household appliances to the system and keep a count of how many units of energy are being used. Another primary function of the switchboard is to ensure that your home uses up all the solar power generated from the system first before accessing any more from the grid.

The fourth component of a home solar power system is a utility meter. It is a requirement by law to have a bi-directional meter installed with a solar power system. A bi-directional meter sends any additional unused electricity back to the grid in exchange for credit on the electricity bill. Retaining a connection to the main grid is crucial in case your solar power system does not produce enough energy.

Benefits of a Solar Power System 

One of the biggest and apparent advantages of a solar power system is that it is pollution-free. With our planet constantly battling the environmental crisis and our excessive dependence on the use of fossil fuels, using a renewable energy source to generate electricity is a significant step in the right direction.

A solar power system is not only environmentally friendly but is also extremely easy to maintain. There is virtually no maintenance that goes into a solar power system’s smooth and hassle-free functioning for up to 30 years. It is a one-time investment with long-term returns.

Moreover, a solar power system is efficient. There is no room for wasting any energy because the electricity that is produced and not used up by your home appliances is always either stored using batteries for later use or transferred to the grid in exchange for credit, as mentioned above.

Additionally, the use of a solar power system does not warrant the need to switch it on whenever you want to use it and off otherwise. The system is designed to perform this task automatically. It also determines when to use electricity from the grid or send electricity back to the grid automatically. The amount of energy being produced, used, stored, or moved around, can be checked from the inverter, which displays the numbers 24/7.

Another significant advantage of a solar power system is that it can be installed anywhere, whether it is a home, a commercial building, or even a tiny town in the middle of a desert. As long as there is sunlight over the area for a few hours a day, we can use a solar power system to power anything electric. 

On the other hand, a solar power system can generate electricity even when there is no direct sunlight. Furthermore, the storage of excess energy in the batteries makes up for the lost efficiency during cloudy days and even nighttime when there is no electricity production.

Despite the countless benefits of solar power systems, people argue against their feasibility because of the high setup costs. This is unjustifiable because not only the return on investment is excellent, but the payback period is also very short. This is because you begin saving hundreds of dollars on your monthly electricity bills as soon as you get a solar power system installed.  

Should You Get a Solar Power System Installed In Your Home?

The benefits mentioned above look extremely attractive and may compel you to want a solar power system in your home right away. However, the effectiveness of a solar power system in a household depends on several factors.

Houses most fit for the installation and use of solar power systems in Australia are those with a north-facing roof. Moreover, it also helps if the roof is tilted and not shadowed by any trees or buildings. A solar panel can catch the most sunlight when it is placed at a 30-degree angle. A roof tilt that makes the panels steeper might not be the most ideal.

More importantly, the location of your house will affect how well and quickly your solar power home system pays you back. If you’re located in a mostly sunny city, your solar power system will pay for itself. However, if your city barely sees any sunny days in a year, a solar power system might not prove to be as effective.

Final Thoughts 

Solar power systems are the silver lining in the grey cloud that is surrounding the future of our environment. It is efficient, low maintenance, and feasible in almost all parts of the world. The versatility of the technology makes it usable by anybody anywhere.

As far as the initial investment is concerned, ongoing research and technological advancements are improving solar power systems every day and making them more and more affordable for the larger parts of the population. A solar power system has the ability to make you 100% energy independent, allowing you to play your role in protecting the Earth.

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