Off Grid Solar Systems

Off Grid Solar Systems – Can a House Run on Solar Power Alone?

Interested in learning about off grid solar systems? Have you ever wanted a self-sufficient home? Can a home generate most of its electricity without being connected to the power grid? Well, it is 100% possible with solar energy. 

A house can run on solar power alone; however, it requires a lot of planning and determination.

Solar power has become a hot topic in recent years as the world is struggling with climate change. Getting solar power installed in your home will save on your electricity bills while also keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere.

There are three main types of solar power systems. Off grid solar, on grid solar and hybrid grid solar. Among them, the off grid solar systems are a new and growing industry that is making  a lot of people excited. 

Solar systems are an excellent way to provide power for a household, or even an entire community. However, before installing an off grid solar system, you need to consider some aspects. Hopefully here you will get some ideas for running your home using solar energy.

You Have to Determine the Power that Your Home Needs Every Month

This is important information that will help you and your installer determine how much energy has to be produced from the solar panels. The easiest way to figure this out is to look at your old electricity bills. 

While considering the amount of energy you want from the solar panels, it’s a good idea to check several months of electricity bills. This is because electric bills vary from season to season. You may need some more energy in a particular month, and in this situation your solar batteries will play a vital role. 

In addition, sometimes in bad weather the sun won’t shine enough bright or as long as your solar needs to charge. At that time the batteries allow us to use the stored energy that was gained on those long sunny days. 

Lastly, if you want to rely entirely on an off-grid solar system, you should carefully estimate the energy you need throughout the year. This will help you to use less stored battery power and keep your day hassle free.

You Must Have Space in Your Home for Solar System Batteries

When you’ve decided to install an off grid solar system in your home, you are going to need to know how much space you need to install the solar panels. The answer, of course, depends on a number of factors. Such as—

  • Whether you want to install solar panels on your roof
  • How high you want your solar panels to be
  • Amount of shade your roof takes
  • Which solar system you want to install 
  • Your home’s geographic location

In order to install solar systems for off grid living, you have to have enough usable space for the entire solar project. Experts say, a 330W solar panel covers around 20 square feet. However, a home normally uses between 5kW to 20kW solar power. This means if you want to run 100% with off-grid solar systems, you will need 315 square feet to 1,195 square feet. Of course, the solar system will need to be set in a sunny place, so that it can fully meet your electricity needs.

As you may know, all roofs will not give you an equal solar power supply throughout the day. The north facing rooftops receive less sunshine. In this situation, you’ll need to add a few extra panels to fulfill your energy consumption needs.

On the other hand, ground-mounted solar panels are perfect for installing in  an advantageous position and direction, which is impossible with a roof-mounted solar system.

Consider the Seasonal Weather Conditions in Your Area

When you are planning to install a solar panel that will supply power to your entire home, you should consider your area’s weather. Make sure your home has enough sunlight throughout the year to produce enough energy.

Make sure Your Home is not Surrounded by Trees and High Buildings

Trees and high rise buildings add obstructions to our solar systems and cause problems that affect the entire system. Without these obstructions, the solar system produces more energy. 

In many cases, the trees themselves aren’t very tall, but their leaves create a canopy that blocks out light from the solar panels. Make sure your solar panel is free from the trees and high-rise buildings. Otherwise, it will reduce the amount of energy that can be stored.

Off Grid Solar Systems

Off grid solar systems are an approach to renewable energy that allows energy to be generated from renewable sources not connected to the grid. Instead the solar panels are connected to a battery bank system so that the electricity is stored for use over the day or night.

On Grid Solar Systems

On grid solar systems are systems that are connected directly to the electric grid. They can also have a battery that stores solar energy and converts it into power, such as for your home’s energy use. On grid solar systems are designed to harness solar power instead of relying on the power grid. 

Off Grid Solar Systems vs On Grid Solar Systems 

Solar energy has long been an attractive alternative to fossil fuels, both for its environmental benefits and financial savings. If you want a completely solar powered home, you can go with both on grid or off grid solar systems.

“Off grid solar systems” are solar technologies that are placed on the top of a home. The main purpose of these systems is to supply the power needs of a house while it is not connected to the power grid. The only drawback is that they have to fully rely on the sun to power your home. But with on grid solar systems, you don’t have to do that. When the sun shines, it can charge a battery, which can then be used to power your home. Off grid systems require a heavy-duty battery to store all the energy created and used by the system.

Grid tied solar systems, on the other hand, use the energy produced on the grid, which makes them less expensive than off grid systems, but far easier to install and maintain.

Should You Consider Off Grid Solar for Your Home?

Solar power is an option for you if you live in areas that provide enough sunshine. As more people realize the importance of protecting the environment and are encouraged to look for alternatives to fossil fuels, solar power has become a popular way to generate clean energy. Make sure to hire a trustworthy solar installer to do the job.

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